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Would you like to have a class with Ellen?

Ellen would be delighted to have a class with you or your group! You can check out her classes at www.ellenanneeddy.com. She also offers independent studio time in her studio in Indiana. Talk to Ellen about classes at 219-921-0885, or contact her scheduler Melida at 405-735-3703 .to set a date
Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New show in Michigan City: The Dancing Tree Grove

Ellen Anne Eddy will be showing  work at Trinity Church, in Michigan City for the first Friday Gallery Walk, Friday January 7th.Ellen's dancing tree series is a mingling of human form and tree life. They represent different times and seasons of life. Come meet Ellen and join the dance. 

The Dancing Trees will be on display at Trinity Episcopal Church
6th Street and Franklin
Michigan City, IN
 5PM through 7PM
January 7th
6th Street Entrance

call for info 219-921-0885

The First Friday Gallery Walk is something like River North for Michigan City. There's a number of excellent and edgy galleries, all open and on display each first Friday of the month. Wander, eat, see wonders and dream of art! Please come and see them there.

Michigan City, IN is really close to Chicago. It's about an  hour drive from the city border. Great art, no traffic, and you could wake up next to the dunes the next morning. Call if you need directions.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dye Day Workshop at the Thread Magic Studio

Come join Ellen for a great dye day on Saturday, October 2nd!

Ellen will be offering a 6 hour class day at the Thread Magic Studio on sponge dyeing.Ellen's dyeing techniques are simple, fun and very direct. 

You'll walk out with a lovely stash of light source dyed cotton, threads and cheesecloth. She uses the best cottons, and fiber reactive dyes to give you brilliant, fast colors that work for whole cloth, light source and floral appliqué perfectly.You'll also learn more about the color wheel, color theory and how to get the colors you really want. Best of all, you get to leave the mess at her studio!

Your kit also includes a copy of Ellen Anne Eddy's Dye Day Workbook that has her formulas and color theory there for permanent library.

     10:00AM to 4:PM
     125 Franklin Street 
     (In back in the studio)
     Porter, IN 46304
     Class fee $89 
     Kit fee (includes all your chemicals, and fabric)$109

Space is limited so a reservation and $50 deposit  for class is necessary. Checks and credit cards accepted. 

Please either call Ellen at 219-921-0885 or email her at ellenanneeddy@gmail.com to set up your space in the great class day!

Porter, Indiana is less than an hour away from Chicago, IL. It's right off Route 94,and Route 20, next to Chesterton and the lovely Indiana dunes.  Here's a map to help get you there.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Some Beautiful Beast Quilts

Some Beautiful Beasts
A while back I asked folks for some pictures of their beautiful beast quilts to freshen up a slide show of mine.Slide shows are kind of like make up.They need fresh images every so often to keep them interesting and current.

Most slide shows you offer to guilds are about how you did something. But The Beautiful Beast Lecture is different. Instead it's the stories of why someone did a quilt.Basically, it's an answer to the question, "Why is there a bug on this quilt?"So I was looking for great stories as well as great images.

Although most of the quilts are my own, any lecture is much stronger when you add other people's considerable vision and talent.Here are some of the fabulous quilts people sent me. I was bowled over by the work they sent.

I chose quilts that fit into certain categories and had the best stories and the clearest pictures. I wish I could have used them all, because they were all fabulous.

I promised the people I chose for the lecture a CD copy of the lecture. This was foolish because I neglected to ask for their physical addresses. So I will be sending out a downloadable copy of it to you through YouSendIt. If you wish a hard copy, please email me with your physical address.

This little slide show is not the full lecture. It's a showing of the great quilts people shared with me.

Thanks again for sending your lovely work to me, so I can share it  with the  quilters who come to my lectures!
Friday, August 6, 2010

Lecture at Chesterton Art Fair

Ellen Anne Eddy will be giving a lecture at the Chesterton Art Fair on August 7th and 8th at Hawthorne  Park in Porter, Indiana.
The lecture will be from 4-5PM, on both Sunday and Saturday. The lecture is free with your $5 admission to the fair.

The lecture is The Enchanted World of Ellen Anne Eddy, and will talk about her journey from a traditional quilter to an internationally known fiber artist.
Join Ellen for her lecture and for a Garden and Studio Walk after the lecture just down the street from the park at 125 Franklin Street.
Thursday, August 5, 2010

Celebrate St. Guinefort's Day

Come and join us as we celebrate 
St. Guinefort's day!
Illustration courtesy of Kent Roberts
Normally I'm all about the quilts.But there are times when you just have to party and this is one of them.

St. Guinefort was a greyhound saint. He protected his family to the end and was sainted. There was a bit of a flap about him being a dog, but I know many more dog saints than I do people ones. And dogs, of course, are people too.

People who know me know I am privileged to live with three fabulous greyhounds as well as 4 cats. Though my dogs do not always wear their halos, any good greyhound is, of course, a saint.

Recently I've had some difficulties with some unpleasant neighbors. The silver lining to this cloud has been the help and support of my community and my friends. It seems the best way to deal with bad energy is to pour out joy and love. Will you come help me?

So for August 22nd, the saint day of St. Guinefort, I'm having a party to bless and celebrate my dogs, my yard and my community.

So come and  bring any dog friendly dog who would like to join us and a pot luck item or something to grill or drink and help us celebrate.

Sunday, August 22nd
Thread Magic Studio
125 Franklin Street
Chesterton, IN 46304
3:30 PM to when it stops.

Instructions from interstate 94
Get off at exit 22 Porter. Go to Beam Street (across from Sayers Baskets). Turn right. Go to the second stop sign, which is Wagner Street. 

Turn right. Go two small blocks to Franklin Street. Turn left. 

My house is the only brick house with two concrete greyhounds on the porch.  If you find yourself at the corner of walk and don't walk, call 219-921-0885 for instructions.

Finnie says you have to come. I've promised I'll cook hot dogs for all of the hot dogs.

Kent Roberts was kind enough to let me use his fabulous portrait of St. Guienefort. You'll find his work at Cafe press and on his web site at Kent Roberts. He'll also do a portrait of your dog. How cool is that?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Guest Blog On Subversive Stitchers!

I am honored to have a guest blog on Subversive Stitchers: Women Armed with Needles. Dawn does such a beautiful blog. I was delighted when she asked me for a posting.
Go check it out!
Thanks, Dawn!
Saturday, July 10, 2010


Here's a list of my most current classes, now booking for guilds through 2011-2013.

2010 Thread Magic Teaching Promotion Disk
Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thread Magic Events: Two Great Trips

Thread Magic Events: Two Great Trips

Two Great Trips

Dragonflies from Charlotte!

I've been on the road quite a bit this last month.I had two lovely trips, one to Charlotte and one to Lansing, MI.

I was  at Charlotte to attend the North Carolina Quilt Symposium. This event has gone on for over 20 years, run by different guilds in the state. They bring in a bevy of fabulous teachers. This is the third one I've been to over the years. It's an amazing and wonderful meeting of great and grand quilters.

I also got to share a suite with Patti Culea, who is the most fun doll maker I know.

This is such a wonderful event. More amazing is that different guilds put it on every year. 

Capitol Quilters in Lansing Michigan is a lovely group with a wide range of talents.
We did two classes, Dragonfly Sky and the Thread Magic Overview Book. Here's one of my student's fabulous dragonflies.

I also got to see my dear friend Elaine Ferris. Elaine and I went to St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Evanston for years together, but we did a lot of sewing together back when. I met her at Vogue Fabric and she's been a kindred spirit ever since. She taught me long ago that there is nothing as neat as a nice neat pile.

I always love it when I get to go and meet people at guilds and symposiums. Quilters really are the best folk in the world.
Next week, I'm off to Long Island at Smithtown Stitchers
Here's the schedule.   It's time to pack my bags. Hope to see you there!

July 19th - Ellen Anne Eddy - Quilt Artist -  

    WorkshopsSat, July 17th -
 Thread Magic 1 - "Using Every Kind of Thread"
      Time: 10AM - 4PM
Place:  Ward Melville Heritage Organization and         Cultural Center in Stony Brook.  
Sun, July 18th - Thread Magic 2 - "Image Building"
Time: 10AM -4 PM
Place:  Ward Melville Heritage and
Cultural Center in Stony Brook.  
 Mon, July 19th - "Bobbin Work Appliqué Flowers"
Time: 10AM -1 PM
Place:  Ward Melville Heritage Organization  and Cultural Center in Stony Brook. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thread Magic Lecture and classes in Lancing, Michigan

Ellen will have 2 classes and a lecture this week at the Capitol City Quilters Guild in Lancing Michigan. Thursday she'll give her Thread Magic Lecture at 6:30 PM,followed by her Dragonfly Sky class on Friday, and her Thread Magic Overview book class on Saturday, both at 9AM-4PM.  All  the events are at the Union Missonary Baptist Church, 500 S MLKing Dr. Lansing, Space is still available for all events. Contact Lorelei Olgine at 517-303-3021 for more information.
Come see Ellen there!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Visitor from Australia

It's a very ancient saying, but a true and honest thought. For if you become a teacher, by your student's you'll be taught. The King and I

For years I've offered independent studio time to folk who want to come and learn just what they want on their schedule. Classes are great, but they are a group thing. I make an effort to work with the people who want to do something special and different in class, but a classroom day is about what the group wants to do. As a teacher you pass their desk, help as you can, and wish there were more time in the day.

So studio time is so much more focused. In a classroom you're a teacher. But in studio time, you can be a mentor.

Genny Frazer came from Cairns, Australia. When I asked her what she'd like to learn she said "Everything". And that's what we did. We dyed fabric. we worked on color theory. She did a piece with two magnificent bobbin worked fish. She played with organza, Angelina Fiber, and painted lace. She helped me design a new piece that was a portrait of her called Genny in the Fall, which she's taking back with her to Australia. We worked on zigzag embroidered appliqué. She had a torid romance with Finnie, my greyhound. And she sewed endlessly into the night, getting up whenever her machine called her name. She stayed for a whole wonderful week.

One of the things that made the week work so much better is that Genny is a Bernina girl too. She has a 440 Aurora at home, so when I sat her down to my 630 she was right at home. Berninas are a universal language. She sewed like a mad woman.

Did she have fun? You bet. Did I? It's contagious.

Genny's not a famous quilter, yet. But she has the passion that I think will someday take her there if she wants. Most of all she knows how to treat herself to the things that give her joy.

Can you come for Independant Studio Time with Ellen?
Of course! Just call or write us at the studio and we'll set it up.
Contact: Thread Magic Studio 405-735-3703

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quilt Festival: SAQA Lectures, Book Signing and Free CD

Friday, April 16th I'll be at the Rosemont Convention Center at the Quilt Festival  doing 2 lectures and a book signing.
The lectures will be at the Festival Theater. Then I'm doing a book signing at the Quilting Books Unlimited Booth. Here's the schedule.

11:00 AM Lecture: The Visual Path-Designing nature quilts that move.
1:30 PM Book Signing at Quilting Books Unlimited Booth  1221
5:30 PM Lecture:The Enchanted World of Ellen Anne Eddy
Ellen will have copies of these new books from Thread Magic Studio Press available at QBU.

Dragonfly Sky
Step by Step Bobbin Work Project

Lady Bug's Garden
Step by Step Free Motion Applique Project

Ellen Anne Eddy's Dye Day Workbook

Ellen's special dye recipes and techniques.

Ellen Anne Eddy's Quick and Easy 
Machine Binding Techniques

Ellen's easy methods for cord binding and hand free bias

Tigrey Leads the Parade

A tale of Ellen's greyhound, Tigrey, told in bobbin work and beading.

Quilting Books Unlimited will be the place you can buy Ellen's books at the festival.

The first 20 people who buy three books of Ellen's books on Friday at her book signing at QBU will get a free CD of Ellen's lecture,The Visual Path, while supplies last. Sorry. No rain checks.
I'll see you there!
Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Article in Machine Quilting Unlimited

I've got an exciting new article in the March 2010 edition of Machine Quilting Unlimited.

Topsy Turvy: Bobbin Work Applique is a 6 page how-to article with step by step instructions and charts on bobbin mechanisms and thread choices. It starts  on page 46,and is part of their design element series.
Check it out!

You can order this magazine  at Machine Quilting Unlimited on the Web

Friday, February 12, 2010

Animal Quilt Round Up

May I ask your help?
I'm getting ready to do  a lecture at the North Carolina Quilt Festival, and I'd like to add some new work to it.

The lecture is The Beautiful Beast.
I have lectures for lots of reasons. Several are about technique. One is about living as an artist. This one lecture is about how animal symbols translate into our lives through our work. I haven't given it in a while, and I would like to freshen it up.

I'm looking for quilts that have animals in them and have interesting stories about them. Funny, sad, weird, lovely, whatever.  I'm not concerned about technique or style here. I would rather a broad range of both. Nor am I looking for quilts like my own.
I do need this to be original work. It can be inspired by someone else, but it can't be something from a kit.

I can't pay you money,  but if I choose your quilt for the lecture,  I'll surely give you glory.

The story is, in it's own way, as important as the quilt. This is a lecture about stories, and I'm looking for good ones. Please send your stories with the pictures.

If you have a quilt you think might fit in and you'd like me to show, send me a 72 dpi image at 450 width one detail, one full shot. Please make these photos with nothing but the quilt itself. I'd also like a 500 word (give or take) statement with the quilt's story and its technical information. My choices will, I'm sorry to say, be completely arbitrary and my own.

If I use your photo, I'll send you a CD power-point copy of my lecture as a thank you.

Send photos  and art statement to Ellen Anne Eddy. Thanks so very much!
Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Class and Lecture in Northridge CA

Come join Ellen as she visits the San Fernando Valley Quilt Association meeting on  February 8, 2010 at the LIFEhouse Church -18355 Roscoe Blvd, Northridge, CA  Social time 6:30 pm, Meeting 7 pm. Ellen will be giving her lecture, The Color Cookbook, a gentle guide to color theory for quilters and fiber artists. She'll also have a large collection of threads, fabrics, books, and quilts for purchase.

Ellen's workshop  on Sheer Landscapes will be held on February 7 at the Patchwork Penquin Quilt Shop - 6245 Foothill Blvd, Tujunga, CA

from 9 am - 3:30 pm. 

 Contact Pat Rosemary for registration info. (prosemary@aol.com)
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ellen's Fabulous Hand-Dyed Thread Club

The Cotton Club and Thread Magic Studio are pleased to announce the complete line of Ellen Anne Eddy's Hand-dyed Embroidery Thread Club. The Cotton Club has consistently brought quilters new fabrics and options month after month to keep their work fresh and exciting. Now they are offering 10 kits of Ellen's amazing hand-dyed pearl cotton. Each kit has 4 coordinated skeins of thread dyed specially for the project, a pattern and hints and helps for  usage.

As an extra bonus, club members will receive a signed copy of Ellen's new book, Dragonfly Sky, with step by step instructions on bobbin work, pattern, inspirational pages, Ellen's tips,  and sources to speed you on your way. 
Bobbin work is an exciting and especially simple and fast way to build embroidered images in your work. You'll love the look and you'll be astonished at how fast you can create these images. 
Check Ellen's blog on  Practical Thread Magic  for more information about using thick threads.

What a wonderful way to build your skills, build your stash and explore bobbin work!You'll find these threads at

The fun little quilts Ellen made for these projects are also available. You'll find them at

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

500 Art Quilts

500 Art Quilts: An Inspiring Collection of Contemporary Work (500 Series) (Paperback)

Ray Hemachandra (Author), Karey Bresenhan (Author

I'm so excited to have  a quilt in this book. Collections like this tend to define the art quilt world as it swirls through it's changes. Art quilting has grown since the early 70's into an amazing art form. It's been a privilege to be part of that development. Each year brings new skills, visions, abilities, and focus. I've been teaching now for over 20 years. When a book like this includes my work,  I can't help but feel honored.

The quilt they chose was Hunter's Moon 2. Hunter's Moon overlaps several series. I've been working on a series of elongated shaped quilts because of the design possibilities. But it also was part of a series of flight at night quilts. It includes many media I've been exploring such as Angelina Fiber, hand-dyed cheesecloth, and of course thread work as solid imagery.

Here's more information about this amazing book.

Product Description

A beautiful new addition to the successful series
A vibrant and growing community of crafters has embraced quilting, and this outstanding international collection will inspire and captivate them. Juried by Karey Bresenhan, one of the most prominent figures in quilting, it presents 500 magnificent contemporary art quilts, made in fabric and other media, and showcasing diverse designs, materials, and techniques.
From their very inception, these quilts were destined for display rather than practical use, with an extraordinary quality of image, form, line, and composition. 

Artists include:
Pamela Allen  -  Alice Beasley  -  Eszter Bornemisza  -  Jane Burch Cochran  -  Judith Content  -  Chiaki Dosho  -  Ellen Anne Eddy - Noriko Endo  -  Caryl Bryer Fallert  -  Jamie Fingal  -  Linda Gass  -  Jenny Hearn  -  Judy Coates Perez  -  Yvonne Porcella  -  Susan Shie  -  Jen Swearington  -  and many more!

About the Author

Juror Karey Bresenhan is the founder, president and director of Quilts Inc., the parent company of three American shows for the public and two for the quilting industry trade. Quilt Inc.'s shows include the International Quilt Festival/Houston, the world's largest annual quilt show
This book is available at Amazon.com at
http://bit.ly/7RqgW2 where you can order your copy. 
Please let me know what you think of it!

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