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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Celebrate St. Guinefort's Day

Come and join us as we celebrate 
St. Guinefort's day!
Illustration courtesy of Kent Roberts
Normally I'm all about the quilts.But there are times when you just have to party and this is one of them.

St. Guinefort was a greyhound saint. He protected his family to the end and was sainted. There was a bit of a flap about him being a dog, but I know many more dog saints than I do people ones. And dogs, of course, are people too.

People who know me know I am privileged to live with three fabulous greyhounds as well as 4 cats. Though my dogs do not always wear their halos, any good greyhound is, of course, a saint.

Recently I've had some difficulties with some unpleasant neighbors. The silver lining to this cloud has been the help and support of my community and my friends. It seems the best way to deal with bad energy is to pour out joy and love. Will you come help me?

So for August 22nd, the saint day of St. Guinefort, I'm having a party to bless and celebrate my dogs, my yard and my community.

So come and  bring any dog friendly dog who would like to join us and a pot luck item or something to grill or drink and help us celebrate.

Sunday, August 22nd
Thread Magic Studio
125 Franklin Street
Chesterton, IN 46304
3:30 PM to when it stops.

Instructions from interstate 94
Get off at exit 22 Porter. Go to Beam Street (across from Sayers Baskets). Turn right. Go to the second stop sign, which is Wagner Street. 

Turn right. Go two small blocks to Franklin Street. Turn left. 

My house is the only brick house with two concrete greyhounds on the porch.  If you find yourself at the corner of walk and don't walk, call 219-921-0885 for instructions.

Finnie says you have to come. I've promised I'll cook hot dogs for all of the hot dogs.

Kent Roberts was kind enough to let me use his fabulous portrait of St. Guienefort. You'll find his work at Cafe press and on his web site at Kent Roberts. He'll also do a portrait of your dog. How cool is that?


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