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Would you like to have a class with Ellen?

Ellen would be delighted to have a class with you or your group! You can check out her classes at www.ellenanneeddy.com. She also offers independent studio time in her studio in Indiana. Talk to Ellen about classes at 219-921-0885, or contact her scheduler Melida at 405-735-3703 .to set a date
Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting Together

Normally December would  be a time of getting things into place. Getting them together. Tax receipts. Almost finished quilts. Articles that have to go out. The teaching is done for the year, and all those tasks impossible in the travel have to be done.
This December, add to that I'm getting ready for Thread Magic Garden, my new book from C&T publishing to arrive in January. There's a flurry of newsletters, articles and new work that has to be in place.
In the middle of that muddle, I'm trying very hard to realize that the best task is simplification. So with that in mind, I'm putting all my blogs into one place. 

I know that some people just want information, some people want stories, some people want a place to check for schedules, and some people just want eye candy. You'll still find it all here at the Art Outside the Box at ellenanneeddy.blogspot.com blog. I've put in a cloud label so you can find what you need easier. And I'm very curious as to what you think. I'm hoping you'll let me know.All the blogs have been fed into this one. I'll still show you wonderful Lunatic Fringe people, color studies, funny stories, fabulous techniques and amazing embroidery. But, we're getting together. Right now.
Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thread Magic Studio on Facebook

Currently I'm posting information I would have normally posted on this blog on Facebook at
Ellen Anne Eddy Thread Magic Studio Page. Please like my page for regular information about new publications, events, travels, happenings and art.
Friday, March 4, 2011

The Town of Torper is Here!

The first copies of Ellen Anne Eddy's new book, The Town of Torper and the Very Vulgar Day Lily has just arrived at the Studio.
If you've been to a class  or lecture with Ellen you know she tells fabulous stories. This is a little cautionary tale about gardens, small towns, differing values, war and peace.
If you've pre-ordered a copy Ellen will be shipping it over the next couple days.

 As with all tales, the stories of small towns are global. What happens in small corners is the stuff of newspaper headlines in bigger places.
Ellen  illustrated this book with her embroidered tapestries,full of frogs, butterflies, caterpillars, and incredibly vulgar, but lovely, day lilies. 
You can purchase your  signed copy at the opening of her show at the Chesterton Art Center this Sunday, March 6th. There will be an Artist's Reception from 2 pm to 4 pm. Or you can order a copy at her web site at www.ellenanneeddy.com
Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ellen Anne Eddy's work at Chesterton Arts Center

Come see Ellen Anne Eddy's newest work at a sole artist show at the Chesterton Arts Center
March 3-31st

115 South 4th Street

Chesterton, IN 46304-

(219) 926-4711

Open Weekdays 11am-4pm; 
Weekends 1pm-4pm

Artist Reception:

Sunday March 6th from 2-4pm

Gallery Walk 3 pm

Come see Ellen's new work!

Chesterton Indiana is a short drive 

from Chicago. It's 

right off route I 94. Email Ellen if 

you need instructions.
Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New show in Michigan City: The Dancing Tree Grove

Ellen Anne Eddy will be showing  work at Trinity Church, in Michigan City for the first Friday Gallery Walk, Friday January 7th.Ellen's dancing tree series is a mingling of human form and tree life. They represent different times and seasons of life. Come meet Ellen and join the dance. 

The Dancing Trees will be on display at Trinity Episcopal Church
6th Street and Franklin
Michigan City, IN
 5PM through 7PM
January 7th
6th Street Entrance

call for info 219-921-0885

The First Friday Gallery Walk is something like River North for Michigan City. There's a number of excellent and edgy galleries, all open and on display each first Friday of the month. Wander, eat, see wonders and dream of art! Please come and see them there.

Michigan City, IN is really close to Chicago. It's about an  hour drive from the city border. Great art, no traffic, and you could wake up next to the dunes the next morning. Call if you need directions.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dye Day Workshop at the Thread Magic Studio

Come join Ellen for a great dye day on Saturday, October 2nd!

Ellen will be offering a 6 hour class day at the Thread Magic Studio on sponge dyeing.Ellen's dyeing techniques are simple, fun and very direct. 

You'll walk out with a lovely stash of light source dyed cotton, threads and cheesecloth. She uses the best cottons, and fiber reactive dyes to give you brilliant, fast colors that work for whole cloth, light source and floral appliqué perfectly.You'll also learn more about the color wheel, color theory and how to get the colors you really want. Best of all, you get to leave the mess at her studio!

Your kit also includes a copy of Ellen Anne Eddy's Dye Day Workbook that has her formulas and color theory there for permanent library.

     10:00AM to 4:PM
     125 Franklin Street 
     (In back in the studio)
     Porter, IN 46304
     Class fee $89 
     Kit fee (includes all your chemicals, and fabric)$109

Space is limited so a reservation and $50 deposit  for class is necessary. Checks and credit cards accepted. 

Please either call Ellen at 219-921-0885 or email her at ellenanneeddy@gmail.com to set up your space in the great class day!

Porter, Indiana is less than an hour away from Chicago, IL. It's right off Route 94,and Route 20, next to Chesterton and the lovely Indiana dunes.  Here's a map to help get you there.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Some Beautiful Beast Quilts

Some Beautiful Beasts
A while back I asked folks for some pictures of their beautiful beast quilts to freshen up a slide show of mine.Slide shows are kind of like make up.They need fresh images every so often to keep them interesting and current.

Most slide shows you offer to guilds are about how you did something. But The Beautiful Beast Lecture is different. Instead it's the stories of why someone did a quilt.Basically, it's an answer to the question, "Why is there a bug on this quilt?"So I was looking for great stories as well as great images.

Although most of the quilts are my own, any lecture is much stronger when you add other people's considerable vision and talent.Here are some of the fabulous quilts people sent me. I was bowled over by the work they sent.

I chose quilts that fit into certain categories and had the best stories and the clearest pictures. I wish I could have used them all, because they were all fabulous.

I promised the people I chose for the lecture a CD copy of the lecture. This was foolish because I neglected to ask for their physical addresses. So I will be sending out a downloadable copy of it to you through YouSendIt. If you wish a hard copy, please email me with your physical address.

This little slide show is not the full lecture. It's a showing of the great quilts people shared with me.

Thanks again for sending your lovely work to me, so I can share it  with the  quilters who come to my lectures!

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