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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ellen's Fabulous Hand-Dyed Thread Club

The Cotton Club and Thread Magic Studio are pleased to announce the complete line of Ellen Anne Eddy's Hand-dyed Embroidery Thread Club. The Cotton Club has consistently brought quilters new fabrics and options month after month to keep their work fresh and exciting. Now they are offering 10 kits of Ellen's amazing hand-dyed pearl cotton. Each kit has 4 coordinated skeins of thread dyed specially for the project, a pattern and hints and helps for  usage.

As an extra bonus, club members will receive a signed copy of Ellen's new book, Dragonfly Sky, with step by step instructions on bobbin work, pattern, inspirational pages, Ellen's tips,  and sources to speed you on your way. 
Bobbin work is an exciting and especially simple and fast way to build embroidered images in your work. You'll love the look and you'll be astonished at how fast you can create these images. 
Check Ellen's blog on  Practical Thread Magic  for more information about using thick threads.

What a wonderful way to build your skills, build your stash and explore bobbin work!You'll find these threads at

The fun little quilts Ellen made for these projects are also available. You'll find them at


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